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home buying anxiety December 22, 2011

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I am still a little shocked that I have started the process of buying a home. I am a complete commitment phobe, and am stressed out completely over this. Logically I know this is a good move. I am building a new home to custom fit my needs, and when all is said and done the rent will be about the same or slightly cheaper. Plus the tax benefits will be nice, and not moving every year will be good too. I have a set schedule at work now, plus benefits and things are good with work, I will be getting a nice raise in May as well. So I know buying is the right thing for me right now, but I am still stressed out. I have the home loan to work on, the down payment to put together, and customizing options to work out. I cannot get my brain to turn off. I’m exhausted and only sleeping a few hours at a time.That sucks, because this whole process will take about 4 months. I am only just getting started. I’m gonna have to find ways to deal with the extra stress, because I already have a lot to deal with. I can’t afford a nervous breakdown right now. I will definitely need a vacation after all this, let’s hope it won’t be to a padded room.


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