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silly doggie November 3, 2010

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My Lil’ Girl is too funny. That is what I call one of  my dogs, Lil’ Girl. She acts as playful and as bright-eyed as a puppy, but she is 11 years old now. I love her dearly. It broke my heart to leave her behind when I moved to Utah. But she was gracious enough to forgive when I moved back. She now gets her revenge by sitting on my desk from time to time so she can block my computer. She also takes a good portion of the leg room in my bed at night. My other dog Boo takes the rest of the leg room, and whatever covers he can pull away in the night as well. Good thing I do not live in a cold climate anymore. Brrr.

Anyways, Lil’ Girl is a smart little thing, and sometimes she renders me speechless over her daring acts or little insights. A few nights ago one of my brothers ordered pizza. When the pizza guy came she ignored the pizza and tried to go with the pizza guy back to the pizza place. She wouldn’t even be coaxed with the pizza that had been delivered to go back in the house.  She had decided to find the origin of all pizza’s. My brother was dumbfounded over her actions and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I love my doggies.


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