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embracing the old maid in me May 11, 2010

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Oh yeah, I am officially an old maid. This year I have learned how to knit, been banished to a small corner of my bed by two little dogs, and have become addicted to cheesy romance novels.  And you know what? I love it. I love every bit of it. And I’ve done much more growing as a person than that as well. I work hard, pay the bills and support 3 other people besides myself. It wasn’t a position I wanted, but I have made the best of it. I am lucky and blessed to have two jobs that help me support the people around me. I have also taken the time to take care of myself physically as well. I’ve lost a lot of weight, and love my body. I am still very curvy and still have more weight to lose, but I love what I have done so far. I never would have said something like this before, but I am pretty gosh darn amazing. Life has been tough and I miss my mom like crazy and worry about my dad all the time but I have struggled and gotten to know myself and love who I am. I am a very lucky person. Finding self-esteem at age 32 is amazing. I love being an old maid, I get a chance to be me and damn what anyone else thinks. I love it.