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Moving out of my comfort zone. January 28, 2010

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Last night I signed a lease on a 5 bedroom house that is way out on the southwest side of Las Vegas. This means I will have a bit of a commute to both of my hospitals. Oh yeah…I forgot to mention. I started working at another HCA hospital this week. The sister hospital to the one I have worked at for the past 5 years. So now I split my time between the two. And now I am moving to a very unfamiliar part of Las Vegas……way way out there.

I am excited for the change, but am a bit nervous too. These are some drastic changes I am making all at once. I think what really keeps coming to mind is that I want to be away from bad memories. My family has been on this same street for over 10 years, and those 10 years have been bad and worse. Soon after we moved on to  this street my mother had a stroke that severely impaired her, after that my brothers went through struggles with drugs and crime. Then my dad had a heart attack and has been in and out of the hospital the past couple of years, and more recently both my parents ended up in the hospital last year.  My mother died, and my father spent 4 months in the hospital fighting for his life. During the time my father was in the hospital he lost his house, and I had to move all of his and my mothers stuff into my house that is just 5 houses down the street. Everyday for the past year I have had to drive by their old house. I am more than ready for a change, even if it will be way out of my comfort zone.