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new year and a new place to live. December 31, 2009

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I gotta keep with tradition, and move again. Like I have every year for the past few years. I have outgrown the house I am in. So in the next month I hope to have found a 4 bedroom house to move in to.

Oh I long for the days when I had an apartment all to myself. And maybe one day I will have that again, but for now I must have a house big enough for all the strays I keep collecting. I love them, they are family, but it would be nice if someone would at least chip in for rent.

*sigh* So much for a travel job. I gotta post pone till all this is done. Hopefully a second per diem job with another Hospital will come through and I won’t have to worry about getting enough hours. Although it would be nice to get out of Las Vegas. Guess I just need to plan road trips in the spring. Utah is on the list, but it has been awhile since I have been in Arizona and Cali. Hmmm…fun,fun.


conversations in dog tongue December 10, 2009

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I’ve noticed I have this weird habit of talking to my dogs and interpreting what they say to me or my brother. My brother just laughs at me, but my commentary seems to be pretty accurate. Here is last nights conversation…

Boo: *cry*

Me: What is it?

Boo: (jumps into my lap) I stare longingly into your eyes.

Me: That’s not going to work.

Boo: You are under my control, I am adorable.

Me: Stop being so cute and nuzzling me. You are gonna knock Lil Girl out of the chair.

Boo: Think only of me, I am cute. *blink blink*

Me: Oh fine! But I am not holding you all night.

Boo: (evil laugh) My work here is done. Now I go find food guy. He cannot resist my cute.

…(in other room)- Aww! Ready for some peanut butter Boo?

(I shake my head)

My dogs have us under their control. They are too cute for their own good and they have spent years training us. Somehow I only get one small corner of the bed at night. Two little dogs can really stretch out especially when they are mad at me. I can’t complain though, they have so much personality and make me laugh every day with their crazy antics. I love dogs.