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new self defense weapon… November 15, 2009

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My knitting needles. Watch out people those things are dangerous in my hands.

 Yup, I did it. I took a knitting class. I have started my first project…a scarf.  I knitted yesterday until my eyes were crossing and then I lost a loop, and everything fell apart. I had to start all over again. No worries, it was kinda fun. It was a rocky beginning, but I am starting to get it now, just don’t look at the beginning of the project. I’m happy with it no matter how funky it looks. Knitting is great to ease stress, I had so much fun sitting around a table with a bunch of women, and one guy. I had no clue who these people were, but we sat and knitted and chatted.

 There is so much I want to do. I was even thinking of taking a herbology class. *sigh* but that will have to wait a bit. My next adventure is a travel job. It was never the right time before, but my hours are dwindling at my hospital and my little brother is here full-time with my dad so I can work and pay the bills. So I feel comfortable leaving for a few months to make some extra money. I’ll miss my dogs…a lot. But it is just a temp job, so it will be ok. I just worry about my ability as a tech. I can scan, but I have weak points I need to work on. I hope that where ever I go, I can have enough confidence in what I do that my weak points won’t be a problem. I just hope I can adapt. Well…I will never know until I try, so let the negotiations begin. I may leave as soon as December…sucks for Christmas, but my family isn’t too into it this year. Without my mom it is gonna be a tough holiday for us all. But we’ll survive. I always do.


headaches galore November 12, 2009

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I am writing a little urban fantasy book. It’s about a world being torn apart because the supernatural have come out of the closet. Science and technology finally forced vampires, werewolves,  faeries, brownies, and other spirits out into the open.

It’s very interesting putting a story together. Right now I am in the research phase of things. I hope to move onto the outline fairly soon, cause I have a constant headache lately. It needs to be put on paper..soon.

Or maybe my headaches are due to the fact that I was forced to get a flu shot this year. Yeah, it is no longer optional for hospital employees that work directly with patients unless you want to wear a surgical mask full-time. I wear those masks enough as it is, breathing in them is not comfortable. So, for the sake of my job I got a flu shot for the first time in my life. I hate it, and the headache that came with it. I will be going back to school next year so that I have options other than working in a hospital, even though I love my job. It’s time I look a little further ahead.

On another note….It’s funny, when you want to make a serious change for your health and you are committed, it just happens. I will be a different person 6 months from now in many, many ways. I needed change, so I am making it happen.