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in a writer’s head October 27, 2009

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Ouch, really….I don’t know how writer’s do it. I’ve had a few stories bouncing around for the past couple of years but I  always had an excuse not to write anything down. One urban fantasy story in particular has been on my mind lately. So I decided to do something about it. I went to this really great writing class on Saturday. My process for writing this book has been disjointed and messy, and this instructor lined everything up for me. It was great, but now I can hardly sleep and my head is killing me. More and more parts of the book keep falling into place. The outline is just screaming at me, but I don’t want to sit and write just yet. I am working a couple of graveyard shifts and I want to get through those before I dive into my madness. I love it and hate it at the same time. If I don’t get this typed out soon my head is gonna pop right off. It’s great to be jazzed about writing again. I just needed someone to guide me a bit. If you ever get the chance take a writing class from Bobbie Christensen, do it. She travels around and teaches these classes. Next time  she is in Vegas I am gonna take a few more courses with her. I am so excited for this new adventure. My world is gonna be filled with an empath, a cop, brownies, a green man, spirits, vampires, and werewolves. How awesome is that?

Next adventure….I am gonna learn how to knit. Scarf anyone?


Fall TV October 12, 2009

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I am loving fall TV.

On Mondays there is Lie To Me, House, Trauma, and Castle. (A little old and new mixed in.)

Tuesdays  we have Forgotten. (Christian Slater…nuff said)

Wednesday, Cougar Town, Mercy, Modern Family and Glee.

Thursday about kills me…too much that I wanna watch. Flash Forward, Bones, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Community.

And Friday…. Dollhouse.

Gotta love it all. If it weren’t for Hulu.com, I doubt I would ever get a chance to watch any of these.


taking care

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This week I am jumping into better habits. These are good habits I used to have before I let things get me down.  Losing my mom like I did was a hard hit for me, and taking care of my dad isn’t any easy task either. I’ve been sick off and on for the summer. At one point I had to go through two different anti-biotics, a pain killer, and a pretty strong decongestant(I hate medication). Seems like Las Vegas is trying to kill me sometimes, but this is where I need to be right now.  If friends were to drop in my life right now, they would be shocked. I don’t really cook anymore, even though I have always been a bit of a health nut. My homeopathy is scarce, I am not taking care of myself at all.  And I feel yuck. I’ve never had major health problems, just a few things here and there, but I’ve always worked hard to be healthy and active.  Since moving to Las Vegas I feel like a punching bag and one severely bruised person. If I keep this up, I will end up seriously sick and I have too many people relying on me for that. So this week I am pushing past the yuck and going back to my good habits.

And once I am me again, I am gonna donate blood like I used to. I really enjoyed donating, and I miss giving back.  That’s a positive force I need in my life.

For my mental well being I am going to look into health insurance and life insurance. I worry about what will happen to my dad and brother if anything were to happen to me. I need to know they will be ok.

I guess my point today is that everyone needs to take the time to take care of themselves and develop good habits. Even little changes do a lot of good. Even for me.


don’t rock the boat- snippet October 8, 2009

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I have a story forming in  my head. I just started writing, and mapping things out. This is just a very rough draft, but I thought I would post a snippet.


I snapped on the Latex gloves. *sigh* I love that sound.

“Quit loitering Mike”, I chided myself. “time to get to work”. Bad habits are hard to break, and this one I would probably never outgrow. You can take the kid out of the street, but the street will always be in the kid. Even if that kid is in her late twenties.

I slowly walked past a row of dark green, foul-smelling dumpsters. My big rubber boots made a clump clump sound as I searched out my first victim. The smell of rotting food made its way to my nose as I approached the last metal solider in the line.  There is no time to be squeamish in  a moment like this. I quickly hoisted myself up onto the edge of the dumpster and dived right in. As my feet landed in the sea of muck I heard a squish and a crunch. I looked down. Ahhh, one foot in a patch of rotten tomatoes, the other foot crunched in a half full egg shell carton. Great, rotten eggs are the hardest to get off of any clothing or shoes. Looks like I have a date with the garden hose after this.

I gagged a bit. “You think I would be used to this after all these years” I mumbled, trying not to open my mouth too much, but just enough to breathe through it instead of my poor mistreated nose.

I started sifting through the trash and rot. Hmm, tomatoes meant there was more produce around. “Jackpot”, a four pack of vine ripened tomatoes, one rotten the rest were red, plump and a little firm….”perfect”. I popped the rotten one out and bagged the rest and went on sifting. Memories flooded through my mind as I worked. I was just a teenager the first time I got desperate enough to dumpster dive. I had read about it in an article when I was in younger. I read anything I could get my hands on, and this little tidbit came in handy when I was forced onto the streets. I had little money and what little I had, I had plans for, I didn’t want to waste it on food. But I needed to eat to survive.

I made my way down the line of dumpsters. As I dove into the last one a thought popped into my head. I snorted, “If Mom could see me now”. I screeched that thought to a halt. I didn’t want to walk down that dark tunnel of thought. It would be salting wounds that may never heal. But it was too late, I could hear the train coming and I was already too  far in the tunnel. I was about to be smacked down by an emotional train wreck. I skittered out of the dumpster and crashed down to my knees. Tears sprang to my eyes, bile rose in my throat. I crawled behind the dumpster and out of sight. Emotions started to crash down on me in waves. Fear, anger, envy, disgust. “No” I choked out, “no,no,no”. I striped off the latex gloves and crawled to the outer brick wall of the market that the dumpsters were lined up against. I pressed my hands against the cool red brick and opened myself up. The waves settled and a sense of calm enveloped me like a warm blanket on a cold snowy morning.

“Breathe Mikka, just breathe.”

I sat there for a few minutes, but  eventually my nose got the better of me. I reeked of garbage. Time to get over it and move on…Story of my life, I thought. Besides, I had a good life now. There was no reason to dwell on the past. Life punched me in the gut and I kept on kicking. Sure the air whooshed out of me for a bit, but I got it back.

I swooped up my bags of dumpster treasure and pressed one hand to the wall of the market again. This time when I opened myself up I sent feelings of gratitude toward the wall. In return I got a sense of amusement. The building was amused with me. I was stunned. Apparently the market building had been bored and my dumpster diving and emotional war was quite the bit of drama. Even better than a fight for an open register on a Saturday. I didn’t quite agree, but the mental picture of me hoping from dumpster to dumpster and then landing on my knees and kissing the ground made me laugh out loud. I was far from graceful, so the image got funnier and funnier the more I thought about it. The building laughed with me. I patted the wall, quested out with my senses to make sure th coast was clear, and then clomped my way home.


Fall is finally here!! October 3, 2009

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I love Autumn. It is a great season.  All the changing of colors, the cooler weather, haunted houses, scary movies, and  costumes. I can leave the house without the fear of heat stroke. In fact, I can start wearing layers. I have a new hoodie and a new sweater to start me off already. It’s like a burst of energy that I was in desperate need of. I feel pretty good. I’m out running errands, I rearranged my room, and I got my desktop up and running again. I love my lappie, but it feels good to have a real computer to myself again. So bring on October, I love this time of year!