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audiobook/ Ipod madness August 9, 2009

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I don’t have access to a swimming pool, I don’t gamble or drink, and there isn’t much community stuff in Vegas… it is too transient a town. So when it is sweltering hot outside, there isn’t much to do. I’ve been reading and listening to audio books like crazy. I feel like I have been stuck in my own head for months. Not that I don’t love audio books,  I am just ready for the summer to be over so I can find some outdoor activities. There is a basin I love to walk around, but the heat is too much for me. Heat exhaustion is not something I want to get reacquainted with while I am living in Las Vegas again. On a good note, I think I have talked myself into writing a book. I have sketched out a few ideas. It’s gonna be not exactly fluff, but simple and on the sci fi/ fantasy lines. More urban or paranormal fantasy. I love things that go bump in the night, and I was great at telling scary ghost stories around the camp fires and sleep overs. So I’m gonna give writing a go again. Might as well since summer isn’t quite over yet. Let’s see if this crazy idea of mine actually goes anywhere…who knows, but at least it will be interesting.