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slacking on writing again…geesh May 30, 2009

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It has been ages since I have blogged. I’m not even sure what I can say really. My life has been work, books, and taking care of family. Couch brother finally moved to San Fransisco a couple of weeks ago, and my dad finally got out of the hospital and moved into my house.  It’s kind of weird. If I hadn’t moved back to Las Vegas some of my family would have been out on the street. I am paying rent on a nice little 3 bedroom house with a decent sized backyard. My niece, little brother, and now my dad are all living with me. Crazy, I know. But we make it work because it is all we can do for right now. I have ownership of my dogs again, and they make sure everyone knows that I am their pet. It is sad when I work the graveyard shift they keep everyone up all night until I come home. I love the silly little buggers. Not much else to say. Life in Las Vegas again is sad, lonely, and tough, but I am making due for now. And I hope I survive the summer. It is freakin HOT!!