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It’s official January 29, 2009

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I am moving back to Las Vegas February 28th. Am I happy about it? Yes and no. There are a great many things and people I will miss in Utah. But it is time to own up to the fact that my career up here is dead. There is no opportunity for me and no room for growth. I wish I were moving somewhere other than Las Vegas, but this will have to do for now. It will give me a chance to figure a few things out and rest a bit. I am exhausted from all of the back and forth, and family emergencies. I talked to my niece about it, and she is moving with me. There are better opportunities for us both if we go back. I am sad, but I know I need this change, even if it isn’t what I planned on. So on to a new adventure I go!


new year, new plans January 16, 2009

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I can be stubborn, and I am a bit of a fighter…that’s the brat in me I guess. So after a very difficult year, I am rethinking most of my plans. At first I felt as if I was giving up, but today I feel a little different. I think I need a new approach. I’ve been looking for travel jobs and perm jobs in Utah and a few other states I wouldn’t mind moving to.  All the while I still work in Las Vegas and have been spending more and more time down there because of family stuff.  I don’t want to move back there and have been fighting that for a long time. I am not changing my mind on that, but am thinking maybe moving back temporarily wouldn’t be a bad idea. The pros… It would give me time to regroup instead of always being on the road. I could find extra work and pay off some debt. I would be closer to family and able to help more. I could bring my niece with me and she may be happier. I could pull off a travel job off with less of a headache. The cons….I would be sucked back into Las Vegas again. Continuing education would be tricky. I would be near family, hence, no break from the craziness. And it is dang hot in summer.

Not an easy decision, and I need to talk to my niece about it. She had to take a break this semester because of funding problems, so if we were to make a change now would be the time. Hmmm….lots to think about.

Oh, and I am thinking about changing up my blog. Possibly even websites. I have a new camera and new ideas, and I want to write a whole lot more.  Just a thought.


Well.. January 5, 2009

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I thought that I wouldn’t write in my blog until something interesting had happened, or something good.  Uh, that just means slacking on writing. Although not much is going on. The holidays were ok. My dad ended up in the hospital again, but this time with pneumonia. So that really sucked. And I just worked. I really needed the hours because census is down in the hospitals in Vegas, so hours are being cut big time. Where does that leave me? In desperate need of another job. So I am applying for jobs in other states. So far I’ve applied for a couple of jobs  near Seattle, Washington. And I am working on a travel job as well. I hope something works out soon. I’ve never had this much work cut in Las Vegas. It is a bit scary.  I just hope a door opens for me somewhere, and soon. I need it.