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Oh the joy of reading.. July 29, 2008

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I am obsessed with reading lately. And when I say obsessed, well, let’s just say this month alone I have read maybe 30 or more books. I should mention though that I have a bad case of insomnia. It has been a stressful and rough month, and my mind won’t shut down at night….too much to do. I am working on something even when I do sleep and dream. It is quite annoying actually.

Anyways, I though I would share some new favorites. I am finding some lesser known gems in the book world. I love searching for new books, the hunt is half the fun. I jump from genre to genre, but I definitely have favorites. If you want to know about witches, vampires, werewolves, faeries, ghosts, etc…..I am the one to come to. That is one of my most favorite type of book. You get mystery, romance, horror, drama all wrapped up in a fantasy book. It is great if you can find a good author. It can be really bad if you don’t. So today I am singing the praises of Patricia Briggs. I have fallen in love with her “Mercy Thompson” series. As well as her new “Alpha and Omega” series. It is rare indeed to find an author who can jump into a dark fantasy world and not use bad language and sex as the basis of the book. Her books rise above those cheap and thoughtless thrills. I am deeply impressed that an author can write about good and evil, and not let the evil overshadow the good. I think it shows great creativity on her part. So if you want to read about werewolves, shapeshifters, vampires, ghosts, and fae…..these are the books for you. Go check them out.


Lip Gloss July 22, 2008

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I just bought a new lip gloss today, because face it…when you are stressed, sometimes you just gotta splurge on something silly. Anyways, I just bought this new lip gloss that, I kid you not, on the box says…”tested on celebrities, not animals”. And seriously what animal loving girl wouldn’t get a great kick out of that. I’ve spent all day getting cuddle time with my two favorite dogs in the whole world, so animal testing is a big No in my book. But what if the celebrity they tested on has had one too many botox treatments and can’t feel a thing. I mean, is this tingling my lips are feeling normal? Scratch that, it’s not tingling it’s….burning! Oh no, I am gonna lose my lips. I am gonna lose my lips from a silly shopping spree to ease my stressful life. I will never ever be able to kiss a guy ever again because I will have no lips and be entirely undateable instead of mildly unadateable, which is where I was before the lip gloss incident.  And even if I were date material, I still would be unable to kiss because of my lack of lips. Water…I need water, and ice….and possibly aloe. Hopefully my lips will survive. I’d give up a toe or even a finger instead of my lips. Possibly a hand or a foot. And what if I keep my lips but have no feeling in them after this incident? Are you telling me the last kiss I will have ever felt will be that pitiful goodbye kiss at the airport 5 years ago?!? Kill me now….shoot me. It wasn’t even a toe curling kiss. I kissed a dead fish, and that will be my last lip memory. Ok, he wasn’t a dead fish, but he was making a perfect impression of one….with a mustache. A very itchy mustache. I think I am gonna hurl. Is that a good sign? Maybe I’ve ingested some of the gloss. Oh dear…death by lip gloss. Forget the gun, I am already dead. This may very well be my last blog. 30 year old single female dies by ingesting lip gloss. Be sure no one prints a picture. I don’t want my lip less face shown anywhere. Also, all my books go to my niece. Everything else goes to charity…..oh, except Travis gets everything in my kitchen. He deserves it…he does all the cooking anyways. *sigh* At least I am going out in a unique way, but I am not at all happy I am dying a virgin. Stupid lip gloss was supposed to help with that, instead of killing me. Goodbye cruel world!

Oh and don’t buy lip gloss you know nothing about. It’s worse than dating a serial killer…I think. I wouldn’t actually know since I am dying and all.


moving woes July 11, 2008

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I was hoping for a somewhat simple move. I have been looking for a bigger place for the past 3-4 months. I finally found an amazing place. Plenty of storage and room for 3 girls. I signed the contract last month and we were due to move the middle of July. Ha! This week the landlord got emailed me saying she was thinking about breaking the contract. She had no reason, no explanation. I asked her what kind of delay she needed, maybe we could work something out. After much stress, we finally agreed upon August 1st. I called my apartment manager today to make arrangements, and was given much grief over it. But, legally I have the right to stay till the end of the month since I paid rent for the entire month. So I have to be out on the 31st, but I cannot move into the new place until the 1st. Looks like I am staying in a hotel for a night. And if the new place falls through….I am so screwed. Story of my life.


you know things have gone bad when… July 2, 2008

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You sister sends you a text saying she is praying for you.

Only a couple hours sleep after a long graveyard shift, I was called to go to the hospital. Not for work, but for one of my brothers. He’s had a rough time lately with everything in his life. I thought he was bouncing back, but something happened and he became suicidal. He went to the hospital to get help. Things didn’t go well, and now he won’t talk to me. I knew it was going to happen that way, but it still hurts.

I am so tired. I haven’t had peace in very long time. I know this is my role in life, but I still wish sometimes that things would let up for a little bit. I really need to catch my breath.