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pumpkin overdose November 25, 2007

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Yes it is possible, and I wanted to puke after. I had 3 farmer’s market pumpkins that I made into puree and then made pies and bread. The bread failed miserably because my parents oven is crap and had to cook it twice as long as was needed. The pies were ok….something was weird with them….maybe the spices were off, or just by then I was in pumpkin overload. I don’t know. All I do know is that pumpkin coming back up is worse than you can even imagine. I’ll leave the pumpkins to my fairy godmother from now on.



Time for some silliness November 21, 2007

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My dad is out of the hospital and doing well. So now for some silliness.

I LOVE this website…. http://icanhascheezburger.com/.



stressed November 19, 2007

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Yesterday morning my father ended up in the emergency room of the hospital I work in, for severe shortness of breath. A few hours later he was admitted to the hospital for congestive heart failure. I got into Vegas late Saturday night, just before this happened. I worked yesterday, so I was able to keep an eye on my dad from within the hospital. I have a little help from my family with this, but now my brother is going back to the doctor because he has pneumonia. This is a lot to handle, even for me. I’m a bit stressed. I’m working a full schedule and juggling family stuff. I do realize though that I cannot commit to any travel contracts till I know my dad is ok. So I have signed up for more shifts in Vegas for January. After that I will look into travel jobs again unless I have worked something else out. This is the best decision for this time. I need the freedom to check in on my family. When my dad is unavailable, I have control of the family finances and I am there for the medical decisions. My parents have given me instructions for everything. I’m not quite sure how the second from the youngest ended up with all this responsibility, but I always new I would have to step up to this role. I just hope I can pull off thanksgiving and work at the same time, and get my dad out of the hospital. He was only supposed to stay a day. Let’s hope….my doggies miss him terribly, and so do I.


Gah!…options November 16, 2007

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I went from having practically no options to having doors and windows all over the place, and possibly a hidden escape route as well. Gah!! So yesterday I had a nice conversation with my new recruiter at my medical travel company. Now that I have my ultrasound certification a ton of jobs are flooding in. Most are 13 weeks temp assignments all over the place….Washington, Colorado, Arizona, etc. The biggie right now is a 2 week job in Seattle that starts December 20th. The pay is good, and it sounds like a good job and it may even turn into a 13 week job. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. I love Washington and Oregon. I have a lot of good childhood memories there. But this is tough. It’s funny, I’ve changed. I don’t want to be a workaholic and live for my job anymore. So I am finding it hard to commit to any of these offers. I don’t know what I want anymore. All I know is that the back and forth to Vegas is killing me and I need to cut back on that. And I have a few options to stay in Salt Lake City. I’m just so confused about what to do. If I take a travel assignment, my financial problems will be over. If I stay, I may be able to slowly get my finances in order and squeak by, but I will also be in a city I love surrounded by good friends.

I just don’t know what to do.

Please, any input from my lovely friends would be VERY welcome right now. I can’t seem to talk through this on my own.


fired up November 13, 2007

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I am ready to get back to the real me. I am putting my scars from the past behind me. They will no longer define me. What is funny is that I didn’t even realize that I was still carrying them with me. I thought I had let go, but I hadn”t. So now that I have peeled of this layer of craziness, I am ready to dive into life again. I’m super excited to get into a dance class, and art class again. I’m sure I won’t find anything until January, but I’ll do a little on my own right now. I’ve got my charcols and scketch pad ready to go. And come summer time I want to get back into school. Possibly for health administration, but I’m not sold on the idea. I don’t know if I want to be in that part of the medical world. I prefer working with patients. So I’ll brain storm these next few months and see what my crazy mind can come up with.


Oh Brother November 11, 2007

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Literally…oh brother. Tonight my brother decided I am no longer welcome in my parents house in Las Vegas (like he has any real say in the matter..pfft). I guess he had a hard day at work and decided to take it out on me. He forgot that I don’t take his crap and fought back. Geesh a 31 year old man throwing a temper tantrum. My blood was boiling…..is still boiling. I hate losing my temper, and I love my family but sometimes I just wanna scream. He has some nerve telling me he doesn’t like me coming down to Vegas to work/visit. I almost packed up my stuff and went to my sister’s house or a hotel, but my parents would have been heart broken. Good thing I work tonight, now I have an excuse to sleep at the hospital.  I’ll only be here till Wednesday, but then I come back 4 days later for 10 days of fun filled work and thanksgiving. This is an awkward situation. I’m applying for a new job in SLC this week. Hopefully they will have me on the schedule by December and I can cool it for awhile with Vegas. I need a break……from siblings….gah!


a nice break November 1, 2007

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After coming back from Vegas, I rearranged my schedule so that I could have a nice break. I’m loving it. I’ve been cleaning, doing hair, updating my resume and kicking around a few ideas for the future. I’m even looking onto doing a 13 week temp job in Salt Lake. The whole situation is quite comical, but if it works out it could be a really good financial move. So I’m crossing my fingers on this one and once I know more I’ll let you all in on the comedy of the situation.