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homesick August 28, 2007

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It’s only been 5 days, and I am missing Salt Lake like crazy. My supervisor asked me today if I can stick around longer. I have a coworker that is injured and may need to be out for awhile doing physical therapy. So I’ll run back to SLC for a couple of days and then probably come right on back to Vegas. It’s good money, but I miss home. I think I wouldn’t miss it so much if I actually had a room of my own instead crashing in the study when no one is in there. I’m ready to strangle my brother. He plays computer games more than he sleeps. Gah! Anyways, this money will be good. I still owe taxes, and I am in desperate need of a washer and dryer. Hmmm, it’s gonna be interesting to see how I handle 3 months away on a travel job. Yikes.



2 weeks August 23, 2007

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Tomorrow I am off to Las Vegas to work. I’ll be gone for almost 2 weeks. This will be good. I will have plenty of work while I am there, almost too much even. But I can use the money right now. Plus I will have a chance to study and think things out. I have just signed another 9 month lease. I am giving myself that long to pull myself together. I need to come up with a plan, go back to school, and get somewhat of a steady job. I am headed in the right direction, I’m just not getting anywhere fast.

So enough of that. I went to the witch doctor today. My body is all sorts of messed up. I am gonna have to mud my feet, hands, kidneys, and an old scar. This is gonna be interesting. It’s gonna be like being a kid all over again. Maybe when I come back, I can make everyone mud pies. ; )



Sabbath Day August 20, 2007

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So a lesson in church today was about keeping the sabbath day holy. This has never been hard for me. I cherish my Sundays. What is difficult is that I chose a profession that requires work on Sundays. But today I found a different take on what I do. When one has to work on Sundays because of the health care profession, they are adding to the holiness  of the Sabbath. Wow, It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I  feel soooooo much better about my Sunday shifts now. I’ve been really down about it lately. I have a refreshingly new perspective about it now. I am doing a great service for others, I am serving others as well as the lord.  What an amazing thought.


When eyebrows meet. August 16, 2007

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I view my eyebrows like two people in an online relationship. They are at a distance from one another, but want to meet. When and if they do meet, it often becomes a hairy situation.


I need an eyebrow wax in the worst way.


Viva Las Vegas August 13, 2007

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Thursday I drove down to Vegas for an Ultrasound conference and to work. I’ve spent the last three days cramming ultrasound physics into my head. It hasn’t been too bad. The teacher I had was wonderful. I feel so much better prepared for the next set of tests I need to take. I’ve been studying all wrong. I am considering flying to other seminars for my vascular and OB stuff when the time comes for those tests. I’ll figure that out later though. Anyways, it’s been a nice weekend. It hasn’t been too hot, and I haven’t had a huge list of things to do. I am a bit tired, and ready to go home though.


On another note, I am bringing home a fish. Yup, just a fish in a fish bowl. I had to ban it from my parents fish tank. It decided to attack other fish all of a sudden, and we’ve had this fish for a couple of years. I couldn’t just kill it, so I’m bringing him home. I hope my roommate’s cat won’t eat him. That would make things complicated. Anyways, I need to name him. If you have any ideas toss them my way.


Work, gah! August 7, 2007

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Yesterday was a bad day. On Friday I emailed my supervisor up at the University about August’s schedule, which I never received. She emailed me back and said “We need to talk”. So yesterday I was in another department doing some training. I had a break and went up to see my supervisor. The meeting was idiotic. The lady has been messing with me ever since my first interview. She didn’t want to hire me, but had no reason not to. Besides, it’s only a part time job. During the meeting I got angry and it takes a lot to get me angry. So while she was mapping out these unrealistic expectations, I decided I was done. Why should I even try to meet those expectations? She’s set me up to fail. And all because someone at my previous job decided to bad mouth me. The things that were said were completely untrue, and I’ve been incredibly upset about the whole thing. Anyways, at the end of the meeting she asked me if I could change. Of course I said yes. So then she tells me that she has nothing for me in August, but might…might have something for me in September. I smiled, said ok and walked out the door. She came running down the hall after me and tried to offer me a half day at the end of August. I told her I would have to get back to her and left. Grrrrrrrr. I am really close to packing things up and moving back to Vegas.


just some thoughts I have been having lately August 3, 2007

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Let me just admit right off the bat that I’ve been struggling a bit lately. Just a phase, but it sucks none the less. Work is less than stellar right now, money is tight, and my love life is non existent. Not that that has ever been a problem before. I guess I’m ready for that to change. I feel the need for a more intimate relationship.  But where to start? I had it in my head that I need to make some physical changes before I could date again. No guy is gonna like me the way I am now. But now I am wondering about that. Could I respect or even love a guy that would only like me after I change? My thoughts….I think not.