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Open a door for me March 13, 2007

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Things have gone from bad to worse at work. I’m not gonna go into the horrible details.  But basically I am being overworked to the point of complete exhaustion and a coworker and I had it out. He felt it was his right to call me an idiot. I am hanging on by a thread. This is no longer a healthy situation. So my prayers have changed. I am now praying for a door to open. I have been applying for ultrasound jobs, and sending out my resume. Almost everything I have been offered is out of state. But I have just signed a new lease to an apartment I love and I have a calling in my stake, basically I am not ready to leave Utah yet. And I don’t want to go back to Las Vegas. So a few windows have opened, but not anything I am ready to climb through yet. I am trying to be patient and not quit before I have something else. I am praying for a miracle, and I am determined to keep a positive attitude. I will make it through this. I have made it through worse.