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Divine intervention November 21, 2006

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I have one nasty cold. I haven’t been this sick in a long time. Usually I can bounce back from a cold in one day, but it just isn’t happening this time. I worked only half day yesterday because I was so sick, and today I intended on going into work no matter how I felt. So I dragged myself out of bed after a horrible nights sleep, and got ready for work. I grabbed my stuff , headed out to my car and sat there and sighed. I felt awful, but was forcing myself to keep going. Well….I call this divine intervention. My car wouldn’t start, so I called in sick to work. I know my car is fine and will start when it warms up today. Guess I need to get it ready for winter. But in the mean time, I am gonna try to get rid of this cold and hopefully relax.


Dumpster Diving November 17, 2006

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So tonight was an adventure. I got home from work, and ran right back out to the laundromat. I have another 2 shifts to go this week, and no scrubs. That’s no good.  So I decided to just get laundry done while I still had the energy. I brought stuff to keep me occupied, but I noticed a dumpster next to the laundromat as I drove up. So I decided at one point I would clean out my car. I tend to live out of my car sometimes, and stuff just collects.  There I was grabbing empty water bottles, random papers, and a few boxes. As I was throwing the last box into the dumpster, my keys got caught on a box and ended up in the bottom of a nearly empty dumpster. So there I was, staring at my car keys, house keys, and mailbox keys. I tried to dive in after them, but I was wearing my scrubs and crocs. Crocs are a poor excuse for shoes. No traction whatsoever, so my diving attempts did not work out. With no one there to help, and no one to call, I had to come up with a solution. Just call me Mcguyver. I ripped out a wire from my laundry bag, bent it and fished for my keys. It took me about 10 minutes, but I got them.  Moral of the story….keep your keys in a safe place.


Where is the time going? November 15, 2006

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I cannot believe it is mid November already. I am slacking on oh so many things. One of which is writing on here. Lets see, last week I went to a concert with a co-worker. Yes, I went to a Godsmack concert and was in the midst of many mosh pits. It was a good concert, although a bit dark even for me. I got hit pretty hard a few times, but no blood or broken bones so that was good.

Monday I went to the dentist. It is so weird the stuff you go through at the dentist’s office. And I have 2cavities…yes, two! I never had cavities as a kid, but since I have moved to utah that has changed. It’s frustrating. So now I am using a prescription toothpaste. I didn’t even know that existed! Now I’ll have a clean mouth to go with my clean mind. ; )


strange turn November 3, 2006

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So I had it in my mind to put my stuff into storage while I did my traveling stuff. I may still do that, but all of a sudden I am on the hunt for a new place again. I don’t know why I am going into that direction, I just am and it feels ok. I am strangely calm about it. Which is completely opposite from what happened a few months ago when I was going down this same road. I honestly don’t know what will happen in the next month. I have some intense goals and the deadline is fast approaching. Come December I may very well be out of a job. At this point I am ready to throw my hands up in the air and scream…”It’s all up to you lord!” I’ve tried everything to plan, but nothing is working out. I am gonna have to step blindly and have a little faith.


Oh how I love Halloween November 1, 2006

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The crazy costumes, the candy, the haunted houses, the parties….all of it, I just love it all. Last night we went to a neighborhood thing for halloween. Donuts and hot chocolate around a fire. Yum. Then I got to visit with some wonderful friends. I wish I had longer to hang with them, I just treasure those opportunities. But, it was the last night and last year for the Rocky Point haunted house. I had to go. And it was totally worth it. It wasn’t scary scary, but it very well done. I was impressed. I even screamed a few times. Isn’t it great that we pay money to be scared. ; )